Don’t Get Lost in Translation!

As we build our community, exchanging information and ideas, it is important that we are all on the same page so to speak.  On this page you will find a glossary of terms that you may find in posts, or on Fred’s POPCASTs.  This is a fluid listing, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, shoot us a message and let us know. 

Smart Contract - Self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into the code of the blockchain. When certain conditions are met, the contract automatically executes.
Stablecoins - A special type of digital currency that is designed to have a  stable value.  They are often tied to something called a “reserve.” This reserve can be real money, like dollars, or other assets.
Token - A unit of value created and used within a specific blockchain platform.
Wallet - A digital storage system that allows users to securely store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies.
Wallet Backup - A secure copy or mnemonic phrase used to restore access to a cryptocurrency wallet.
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